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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Clay Neighbors Premium Custom Fish Food Video



NOT Northfin, & most certainly not New Life Spectrum despite web sites such as Oscarfish.com with interesting reviews which miss key aspects such as energy levels and optimum fiber percentages, thus unfortunately and inadvertently misleading readers and YouTube channels such as AquaNut that do not do their homework

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The History of Dehydrated Fish Food


Revised 7/19/2016

The idea of Dehydrated Fish Food is simply providing the best nutrition for our fish. Most all fish food on the market is meant for aqua-culture fish, which is for us humans to eat. This food is designed basically to grow fish out fast and hardy to make the most profit selling fish by the pound, but doesn't consider the fish's health.

This runs us into a problem when this food is repackaged, because how it's massed produced and then sold to the fish hobby and industry. The food market is so much larger than the fish hobby, it usually dictates many things produced for us fish keepers.

Understand human nutrition is one thing, but bringing this understanding into the fish world is very rare, as it takes a lot of effort, time, and money to make it worth anyone's while. Well, this all changed, when a man named Clay Neighbors wanted to applied nutrition to his fish pets and fish he was breeding. He quickly realized, most all food commonly available to majority of hobbyist was not quality. It was over cooked, gain filled, supplemented, caused gut issues, and made in such as way that made excess energies store up as fats, and even excess protein be stored in organs, which lead to a shortened life of our fish.

This is where Clay did more and more research, taking from studies and human research, and really applying and experiments with his own food formulas. Clay Neighbors is the father of Quality Dehydrated Foods, which now, many companies are trying to replicate and rebrand.

First, cooking food at excess heat will cook off important vitamins and adjust chemical make-ups. This is the whole idea behind dehydration, instead of baking. Clay took the food to the next level with not only all important chemicals preserved in the important ingredients of the food, but the ingredients are in a perfect ratio for optimal fish health. Not only are each ingredient super important, but the amount of each ingredient is super important; as more or less is still missing the boat when it comes to a quality fish food. To little and the energies will not be enough for fish's normal activities, such as breeding. To much, and the excess energy is stored, which causes fats and organ issues.

So, the science behind dehydrated foods is important or you can still have a problem of a poor quality food... now it's just dehydrated. The person who's spent years and years studying these concepts again is Clay Neighbors. There's been others along the way to help the process including Carl Strohmeyer, owner of American Aquarium.

The fish keeping hobby is now in a place where people are understanding fish health, starting with what's being feed. Since this has now became such a popular idea for th hobby, mass manufactures are trying to get their hands into the market. Aquatic history has shown this to be typical in the fish keeping hobby.

Hobbyist will now find replications of the dehydrated food at a handful of retailers. These copy cat foods are not the same when it comes to the qualitiness of the food, which was just explained. The foods are still causing excess fats and organ damage. The foods don't even look the same. The original will look so much fresher. Take a look:

Orginal formula:

So, if anyone is looking for this food, which really is the best fish food on the market, look up Clay Neighbors or Carl Strohmeyer to find where the food is located. At the time of this article, the food is going under rebranding to keep up with the dishonesty in the industry. These two creators will be able to help anyone find a rebuttal source for the food.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

AAP Custom & Paradigm Fish Foods


Paradigm Fish foods is a brand that quickly established itself as a leader in quality of nutrition based on the quality of the ingredients, use of natural ingredients (unlike even most other so-called premium brands such as Northfin), results, and even the fact many fish fed this diet would no longer accept any other fish food later.

AAP Custom Ultra Premium Fish Food, from the creator of the Paradigm Fish Food formula
After personal problems that sometimes occur with a small LLC, the company has dissolved.
However the founder of the ingredients, Clay Neighbors along with Carl Strohmeyer have come up with an even better formula that is now being released to the public through American Aquarium Products (AAP) and select retailers (at MAP pricing to protect professional sellers from discounters with little product knowledge).


Reference: Paradigm Ultra Premium- "AAP Premium All Natural" Custom Fish Food Crumbles:

"The original creator of of the ingredients and process for Paradigm and now "AAP Premium All Natural" fish foods has been breeding Rift Lake African cichlids going on 30 years now. We have tried every single manufactured fish food there is on the market and was never completely happy with any of them. The creator of the ingredients and process for Paradigm began studying the ingredients and nutritional analysis of each type of food by making comparison charts. This resulted in some new formulas in 2009.
Then he took all the knowledge he learned about the different types of fish and their dietary needs by breeding fish plus all the research he had compiled on the different fish foods on the market including Carl's in depth Fish Nutrition article which he and Carl discussed at length in an aquarium forum for some time. He then decided that he could make a fish food far superior to any other food available.

Now the creator (Clay N) has decided to step it up a notch even more with an even newer formula that is 100% natural, unlike how even most of the other better fish foods still have to supplement their food to hit the target needed for optimal fish nutrition.
This is to be sold exclusively as "AAP Premium All Natural" whereby the creator decided the protein make up could be improved. The creator felt the fish were getting more than needed, which made for unnatural bulky fish. It can also cause some health issues with over feeding as too much protein also can lead to premature renal failure, which unfortunately many of the otherwise very best competing foods tend to ignore this issue and go with "the more the better".

The binders of the food have also been reworked with kelp and peas

  • First, he wanted to make a binder using a minimal amount of starch. He originally used egg whites with the Paradigm formula, but later switched over to pea flour that he personally grinds so as to make sure protein levels were not so high that it would produce fatty fish and early onset renal failure as many fish foods can do by not considering optimum protein sources.
    Reference as to protein:
    Fish Nutrition; Protein/Amino Acids

  • Secondly; These "AAP Premium All Natural" along with Paradigm Foods are designed to maximize net energy gain.
    This makes feeding less and getting at least as much or more energy gain possible.
    When the fish can use more of the food it leads to less waste in your aquarium. Less waste in your aquarium obviously means a cleaner tank and therefore healthier and happier fish.
    What "AAP Premium All Natural"/Paradigm Fish Foods is offering is in depth research after working on it for over five years. With the help of their partners Paradigm actually found the low limit for energy aka fat, sugar and starch.
    In the study fish stopped breeding after being fed one of the last trial diets of less than 21-22% combined fats & starch. This means that the females didn't have enough reserve energy to produce eggs.
    Paradigm and now "AAP Custom" raised the energy a little and voila the fish started breeding again. With that being said you can rest assured your fish are getting the proper amount of energy and avoid their liver being covered in stored energy aka fat. We use the sugar and starch first since they can store very little if any.

    The end result is an all natural, no filler, 100% Grain Free fish food; Paradigm does NOT use the min/max system that every other label uses so you will never have to guess what percentage of starch, protein, fat, etc is in the food.

  • Third; "AAP Premium All Natural" along with Paradigm Fish Foods are not a pellet or a flake ­ its a crumble. This way you only have to buy one size. You adjust the size of the food to tailor to your individual fish.
    More importantly, the process producing pellets and most flake foods often produces high heat that can destroy many important water soluble vitamins such as Vitamin C.
    While AAP Custom uses low heat dehydration to produce crumbles and no need to supplement other than the natural ingredients included.

Just compare the ingredients to another popular premium fish food (NorthFin)

AAP Custom Omnivore: Whole Menhaden Fish Meal, Kelp, Corn Bran, Green Pea Flour, Menhaden Fish Oil, Human Grade Spirulina Powder, Astaxanthin, Paprika, and Cayenne Pepper.
Naturally includes: Vitamins: A, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, M, H, D3, B12

Northfin: Whole Antarctic Krill Meal, High Omega-3 (DHA) Herring Meal, Whole Sardine Meal, Kelp (Organic Certified), Spirulina, Garlic, Astaxanthin (Haematococcus Algae), Calcium Montmorillonite Clay, Wheat Flour, Vitamin A Acetate, L-Ascorby-2-Polyphosphate (Source of Vitamin C), D-Activated Animal-Sterol (D3), DL Alphatocophero (E), Vitamin B12 Supplement, Riboflavin Supplement, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Thiamine, Calcium Pantothenate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Folic Acid, Biotin, Choline Chloride, Cobalt Sulfate, Ferrous Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Selenium, Zinc.

Now booth use some top notch ingredients, however NorthFin still needs to supplement in part due to how the food is processed. Also NorthFin is using the typical shotgun approach of most brands of fish food of high protein instead of optimum protein.

Here is a quote from "Fish Nutrition":
"An analogy used at a pet food seminar I attended was this: You can achieve the protein analysis on many pet foods with a used pair of leather shoes, but leather shoes contain little usable proteins.
In this seminar the leaders demonstrated that either too much protein (instead of optimum protein) and/or less digestible proteins/amino acids led to premature kidney (renal) failure."

In the end, you will not find ANY better fish food on the market than the new AAP Custom from the originator of the formula for Paradigm fish foods!!

Recommended Resource:
"AAP Ultra Premium All Natural" Custom Fish Food Crumbles

Further Reading:
*Fish Nutrition; Complete
*from Everything Aquatic


Paradigm is simply the legal name of the LLC between Clay N and other investors. The formula is by Clay as well he was the only "cook" for the product.

Clay has been making fish food since at least 2009, long before Paradigm was founded. He consulted with Carl Strohmeyer and others, including here on this formula for some time before he founded what would become Paradigm Fish Foods. He also referenced his Fish Nutrition article in these discussions

Clay also wrote several articles for Everything Aquatic, so it is safe to say that Everything Aquatic is his home forum at the time this food was originally launched.
Fish Nutrition 101
How to Read a Fish Food Label & Energy
Probiotics, Prebiotics, Soluble Fiber and Resistant Starch
Cyanobacteria (Spirulina) and Algae - Pond Grown vs. Naturally Grown
Whats wrong with making Dough in Fish Food?

Later, after the food was launched, AAP was an original seller, but as the company tried to expand too quickly, AAP was no longer able to sell the food for a few months they worked so hard to aid in development and promotion. AAP also found it for sell in discounters such as eBay rather full service retailer.
In AAPs final Paradigm order after they stated they would be going out of business, AAP asked for all stock left, yet somehow more was found and is now being sold under priced and under agreed upon manufacturer/retailer agreements.

Most persons seemed to have been told another story, so are therefore totally in the blind of what has happened and the history of this food as it relates to Carl S. Clay N, Everything Aquatic, and AAP

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Aqua Master Koi Food

AquaMasters Premium Koi Food

Aqua Master Premium Koi Food
A Koi food relatively new to the North American Market except to several high end Koi breeders that often paid a premium price to obtain this koi diet is the Aqua Master line of premium koi food.

The Aqua Master Premium Koi Food line of products are processed under strict quality inspection procedures by the one of Asia's largest food company, Uni-President Enterprises Corp (UPEC).

The company has achieved ISO-9001/9002 Certification, it represents both product and design process controls are recognized worldwide as the leading quality management standard. The company also produces its own seafood including cobia, amberjack, sea bass, grouper, and shrimp to make the high quality koi food.
AquaMaster Premium Koi Foods are recognized by many high end Koi Keepers/Breeders in Japan and Taiwan as the best of the best in terms of quality and results.

This premium Aqua Master Goldfish & Koi diet is now available online to Goldfish and Koi keepers that want the best for their prize Koi at American Aquarium Products; Aqua Master Premium Koi Food

To compliment this ultra premium Koi Food, make sure you maintain your Pond UV Sterilizer by changing your UV Bulb every six months (once per year in cooler climates)!
*Pond UV Replacement Bulbs, Page 1
*TMC Pond Advantage High Efficiency UV Sterilizers

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Goldfish Food Suggestions

This post has goldfish food brand suggestions referenced from this site:
Proper Goldfish Feeding

Revised 2019; December 24

Sanyu Goldfish Diet
is among the BEST goldfish diets available anywhere at any price with many Asian Breeders of high end fancy goldfish utilizing this goldfish feed.

Sanyu High quality color enhancing goldfish food and tropical fish foods are a popular brand in Asia and among many fish keepers in California, although not as well known in other areas.
Sanyu Fish foods are made from many of the same quality food source ingredients as many better known brands in North America such as Hikari! • Compare to Hikari, except at a lower price! Compare to most any brand in analysis too!

Sanyu Ingredients: Premium Whole White Fish Meal, shrimp meal, wheat flour cereals, spirulina algae, soybean meal, yeast, carotenoid, lecithin, Vitamin A, B1. B2, C, D, Iron, calcium, and manganese and other trace elements.

AAP Spirulina 20 Flakes for Goldfish contain a full 20% Spirulina and provide a complete high protein diet for freshwater, goldfish and more.
Spirulina 20 also has natural immune boosters as well by virtue of the high content of Spirulina Algae.

Hikari Goldfish Gold Premium PelletsAAP/Hikari Goldfish Gold Pellets
The AAP/Hikari Goldfish Gold Premium Pellets brings out their natural beauty. This exclusive premium formulation contains and uniquely balanced nutrient profile includes Polyphenol, a powerful antioxidant derived from grapes, helps your pet be their best.
Artificial Color & Flavor Free.
The red colored pellet is created from raw ingredients and will not negatively impact your pet's health, bowl or aquarium water. This exclusive premium formulation contains Phaffia Dried Yeast, naturally rich in carotenoids which can help your pet develop their natural beauty and coloration. The addition of Astaxanthin further improves the color enhancing capacity. Hikari Goldfish Gold Premium Pellets supports immune system health.
This growth formula supports rapid weight gain while avoiding the buildup of internal fat deposits which can lead to conformation and health issues over time.

These pellets can be fed to all goldfish; Ryukin, Oranda, Comet, Shubinkin, Common.

Saki-Hikari Color Enhancing Goldfish Diet Saki-Hikari Color Enhancing Goldfish Diet is a health improving diet for all varieties of Premium Grade Goldfish to develop to their best potential! The inclusion of beneficial living microorganisms (Hikari-Germ) offers more complete assimilation, reduced waste, improved resistance to disease and increased growth rates.

Aqueon Goldfish Color GranulesAAP Aqueon Golfish Granules
AAP/Aqueon Golfish Granules contain only natural ingredients and contain no artificial colors. The colors of the foods are attributed to the actual ingredients in the formula, and help to bring out the natural colors in your fish, while keeping them energetic and healthy. These granules are slow sinking and easy to digest.

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Friday, November 25, 2005


Revised 2018, December 24 A quality Koi and goldfish food starts with quality aquatic based ingredients. Fish derive their energy from fats, not carbohydrates (although cereal is needed as roughage). Also the amino acids that make up proteins should be ones that can be easily metabolized by fish.
Soy proteins and feather meal that are used by many foods are of poor quality.
An analogy I used in another blog to compare amino acid (protein) quality is this: You can achieve the protein analysis of many pet foods with a pair of leather shoes, yet leather shoes are for the most part, made up of un-digestible proteins that will eventually lead to renal (kidney) failure in fish.

It also should be pointed out that no one food should be fed alone (including Sanyu). A balanced diet for goldfish should also include Spirulina Flakes, and Brine or Mysis shrimp (which have a natural laxative for goldfish).
See my other blog post: Spirulina Algae as a Fish Food

The frequency to which you feed is also important. Think of goldfish as under water horses (there are differences of course), they are regularly grazing, unlike say a lion.
The point is that goldfish have digestive tracts meant for a more vegetable diet and constant "grazing", not unlike horses, and if not kept full, they can develop gas (that is also why the brine shrimp and spirulina are important).
Another point of note is that most fancy goldfish are very inbred resulting in poor genetics and have poor digestive tracts which make them even more sensitive to a poor diet and intestinal gas.

Try and feed your goldfish at least two or more times a day (if more often, feed less per feeding).
Also soak your fish food in water for at least 5 minutes so that it does not float, which will prevent your goldfish from ingesting air (which can cause digestive problems and lead to Aeromonas Bacterial infections).
Reference: Fish Aeromonas Infections

Be careful with feeding too much flake food (even the spirulina flake, although this flake does not cause the intestinal gas problems that many flakes such as TetraFin do), and again soak any flake food too.

For much more researched and in depth information about fish nutrition, please visit this site:
Quality Fish Food; What Ingredients are needed for Proper Fish Nutrition, Health and Growth .

Sanyu Vital is a complete diet to provide all necessary nutrition for goldfish and koi. This food is formulated to meet the diet requirement for goldfish and koi. The raw material used is selected from vegetable based, high carbohydrates and less protein ingredients are easily digested. Feeding this food will result a rapid colour enhancement. With various vitamins and minerals added ensure the fish stay healthy and vital.
Although this food contains soya meals (a poor source of protein in fish), it derives the majority of it's proteins from quality sources such as spirulina vegetable proteins and fish meal.

Vegetable protein extract, fish meal, soya meals, rice bran, wheat flour, corn meal, carotenoid, lecithin, vegetable oil, vitamin A, C, E and important minerals and trace elements

For a BETTER YET Goldfish Diet; consider the Premium AquaMasters Fish Foods
Please see this product link: Premium AquaMasters Fish Foods


*Feeding A quality food ,

*Changing water (20%) once per week,

*Keeping a ph of 7.2- 7.6,

*Proper mineralization and electrolytes. This includes a GH of at least 200 ppm for goldfish and a constant supply of these minerals via mineral blocks or drip systems
Reference: Aquarium Chemistry
Please reference this product link: Wonder Shells-Aquarium minerals

*Proper filtration (including germicidal such as a TRUE UV Sterilizer, NOT an Amazon.com model)
Product links: Aquarium Filters & Aquarium UV Sterilizers; Good, Better, & Best

*And proper tank size (one average adult goldfish per 4-8 gallons, depending on filtration)

Sanyu Tropical fish and cichlid food is similar in quality, but with a higher concentration of aquatic based proteins (such as shrimp meal) and less vegetable based ingredients.

Sanyu Tropical Fish Food Ingredients:
Fish meal, shrimp meal, dried yeast, wheat flour, corn meal, fish oil, carotenoid, inositol, vitamin A,C,D, calcium iodate, iodine, magnesium and other elements.
Guaranteed Analysis: Protein 37%, Fat 3%, Fiber 4%, Moisture 10%

Further Resources

For optimum water quality, including improved osmoregulation and mineral Cations that are very important for goldfish & koi, the AAP Wonder Shell is a MUST HAVE product.
AAP Fresh Wonder Shells

For a good aquarium water pump, power head consider the: Rio Plus Pump line for your koi or goldfish aquarium or small pond

If you are not sure which UV Bulb< to purchase for your Aquarium or Pond Sterilizer or UV Purifier, consider the website:
Replacement UV-C Lamp, Bulb Guide, Resources

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