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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The History of Dehydrated Fish Food


Revised 7/19/2016

The idea of Dehydrated Fish Food is simply providing the best nutrition for our fish. Most all fish food on the market is meant for aqua-culture fish, which is for us humans to eat. This food is designed basically to grow fish out fast and hardy to make the most profit selling fish by the pound, but doesn't consider the fish's health.

This runs us into a problem when this food is repackaged, because how it's massed produced and then sold to the fish hobby and industry. The food market is so much larger than the fish hobby, it usually dictates many things produced for us fish keepers.

Understand human nutrition is one thing, but bringing this understanding into the fish world is very rare, as it takes a lot of effort, time, and money to make it worth anyone's while. Well, this all changed, when a man named Clay Neighbors wanted to applied nutrition to his fish pets and fish he was breeding. He quickly realized, most all food commonly available to majority of hobbyist was not quality. It was over cooked, gain filled, supplemented, caused gut issues, and made in such as way that made excess energies store up as fats, and even excess protein be stored in organs, which lead to a shortened life of our fish.

This is where Clay did more and more research, taking from studies and human research, and really applying and experiments with his own food formulas. Clay Neighbors is the father of Quality Dehydrated Foods, which now, many companies are trying to replicate and rebrand.

First, cooking food at excess heat will cook off important vitamins and adjust chemical make-ups. This is the whole idea behind dehydration, instead of baking. Clay took the food to the next level with not only all important chemicals preserved in the important ingredients of the food, but the ingredients are in a perfect ratio for optimal fish health. Not only are each ingredient super important, but the amount of each ingredient is super important; as more or less is still missing the boat when it comes to a quality fish food. To little and the energies will not be enough for fish's normal activities, such as breeding. To much, and the excess energy is stored, which causes fats and organ issues.

So, the science behind dehydrated foods is important or you can still have a problem of a poor quality food... now it's just dehydrated. The person who's spent years and years studying these concepts again is Clay Neighbors. There's been others along the way to help the process including Carl Strohmeyer, owner of American Aquarium.

The fish keeping hobby is now in a place where people are understanding fish health, starting with what's being feed. Since this has now became such a popular idea for th hobby, mass manufactures are trying to get their hands into the market. Aquatic history has shown this to be typical in the fish keeping hobby.

Hobbyist will now find replications of the dehydrated food at a handful of retailers. These copy cat foods are not the same when it comes to the qualitiness of the food, which was just explained. The foods are still causing excess fats and organ damage. The foods don't even look the same. The original will look so much fresher. Take a look:

Orginal formula:

So, if anyone is looking for this food, which really is the best fish food on the market, look up Clay Neighbors or Carl Strohmeyer to find where the food is located. At the time of this article, the food is going under rebranding to keep up with the dishonesty in the industry. These two creators will be able to help anyone find a rebuttal source for the food.

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