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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Aqua Master Koi Food

AquaMasters Premium Koi Food

Aqua Master Premium Koi Food
A Koi food relatively new to the North American Market except to several high end Koi breeders that often paid a premium price to obtain this koi diet is the Aqua Master line of premium koi food.

The Aqua Master Premium Koi Food line of products are processed under strict quality inspection procedures by the one of Asia's largest food company, Uni-President Enterprises Corp (UPEC).

The company has achieved ISO-9001/9002 Certification, it represents both product and design process controls are recognized worldwide as the leading quality management standard. The company also produces its own seafood including cobia, amberjack, sea bass, grouper, and shrimp to make the high quality koi food.
AquaMaster Premium Koi Foods are recognized by many high end Koi Keepers/Breeders in Japan and Taiwan as the best of the best in terms of quality and results.

This premium Aqua Master Goldfish & Koi diet is now available online to Goldfish and Koi keepers that want the best for their prize Koi at American Aquarium Products; Aqua Master Premium Koi Food

To compliment this ultra premium Koi Food, make sure you maintain your Pond UV Sterilizer by changing your UV Bulb every six months (once per year in cooler climates)!
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